For white fish processing Valka offers range of equipment and software from receiving to dispatching

Grading & Batching

Valka offers various grading & batching equipment for whole fish or portions, fresh or frozen. Among many is the unique Aligner grader that grades, batches and packs automatically into the final boxes

Trimming lines

Trimming flowlines where the fillets are weighed, trimmed and graded in a continous flow. Working stations for individual workers with lightened up trimming tables and bins for products and trimmings or active trimming where the fillets are trimmed on the move

Cutting & Portioning

The Valka X-ray guided Cutting machine automatically removes pin bones and cuts the fillet to the desired portions. The system analyzes individual fillet for highly uniform portions based on size, weight or value.

End of line equipment

At the end of the processing line Valka offers varoius integrated equipment. Including accurate icedosing with dynamic scale and optional camera system, check scales, as well as plastic feed system and label applicators.

RapidFish software

RapidFish manages the entire order and production process. From receiving of raw material, through detailed processing and inventory control to dispatching.

In-feed control

Valka Portion Feeder is an in-feed control and dispersion machine designed to maintain an even product flow to further processing lines.