This year, at the Seafood Processing Global in Brussels, Icelandic high-tech company Valka will debut a new version of their water-jet Cutter machine, explicitly designed to cut and remove pin bones from pre-rigor salmon as well as portioning the fillet.

The new Valka Cutter machine for salmon will, like other Valka’s Cutter machines, increase the productivity for processing companies extensively. The Valka Cutter machine uses a dual X-ray camera system for 3D scanning of pin bones that produces an image with the exact angle to cut from. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with two tiltable cutting robots that can accurately follow the slope on each side of the bones.

Until now, processors have had to wait for the fish to pass pre-rigor stage and debone the fillets post rigor. With this new technology, the pin bone can be removed immediately after filleting adding shelve life to the products. Additionally, with the flexibility from the water-jet cutter, processors can now produce new portion types.

Helgi Hjálmarsson, CEO of Valka:
“We are extremely proud to be presenting our groundbreaking water-jet Cutter machine at Seafood Processing Global. It is our long-term goal at Valka to move beyond white-fish processing, and this machine is the first step in that direction. We are excited to start working with the salmon industry in streamlining their production to both best utilize the fish and to maximize their value.”