As a response to the rapidly changing COVID 19 situation, Valka has taken comprehensive actions to ensure the
safety of our employees, to guarantee business continuity as well as secure, undisturbed production, product delivery and customer service.

Valka COVID19 task force
» COVID 19 task force was established the 5th of march
» The team is working with the authorities to limit the spreading and to ensure business continuity.
» The team is working by policies and recommendations from the Department of Civil Protection
and Emergency Management.
» The task force meets every day and disseminates relevant information to stakeholders

Area of focus and example of the actions we have taken so far in response to the current COVID19 outbreak
» Constant reminder and motivation to the employees about hygiene and sanitation guidelines
» Cleaning routine has been expanded for the company cafeterias, washrooms and public contact surfaces have been reduced
» Separation of work areas and entrances has been secured and direct contact between groups within the workplace is limited
» Guidelines to enable greater spacing of employees at their workstations and cafeterias
» Foodservice delivers meal kits for the individual and protocol for the cafeterias has been made
» Outside visitors are not permitted with few exceptions
» Employees are encouraged to work remotely from home with the aim of not more than 50% of the staff being on-premise at the same time.
» All are urged to limit face-to-face meetings, both in-house and externally and use virtual meetings instead
» Participation in conferences, exhibitions and other events has been cancelled until further notice
» All staff events have been postponed
» Employee travelling is limited with necessary trips, primarily to secure services to our customers
» We emphasize on offering excellent remote assistance, and the diverse methods have been stressed and communicated to our clients
» Furthermore, other action plans to secure business continuity have been made and being updated as the situation develops, i.e.:
» Action plan for service operation and delivery to customers
» Action plan for product delivery
» Action plan if an employee tests positive

Health and safety of our employees and stakeholders is the number one priority.
Valka is following protocols from national health and safety authorities. As well our actions aim to maintain business
as regular and continue to provide excellent customer service.