Trimming Lines

Valka offers both traditional fish trimming flow-lines where the fillets are weighed, trimmed and graded in a continuous flow as well as Pre-trim lines specifically designed ahead of the Valka Cutter where minimum trimming is required.

Valka Trimming Lines can be equipped with optional in-out weighing of fillets and products. Integrated with the Valka Cutter and grading units the customer can accomplish a process flow where the products are automatically transported in a continuous flow to the end packaging. The line can be customized to suit almost any process to achieve maximum results.

Minimal Trimming Infront Of The Valka Cutter

Single or Dual Side Gentle handling Trim lines

The Valka trimming lines are designed for exceptionally gentle handling of the product and allow for a first fillet in first out concept. The lines have an extra wide buffer in front of each operator and the intelligent software maintains the correct level of fillets awaiting each trimmer. The dual-grid takeaway system secures a slot for each fillet to be transported to the Cutter machine.

All lines are equipped with fully lit trimming tables and bins for products and trimmings. Optional monitoring of throughput, yield and quality for individual workers is available and screens can be placed on each station.

The lines can be delivered with push-off conveyors or arms and with workers station on one or both sides depending on what suits best in each case.


Active Trimming Line

Active trimmming line where fillets are trimmed on the belt. The trimming belt speed is slowed down and when finished the fillet is placed on a belt which speed is synchronized with the Valka cutter to obtain a continous piece flow and ensure optimal performance of the whole system.


Traditional trimming line

Gentle handling Pre-trim