For salmon processing, Valka produces a variety of equipment and software customised to your needs along the line, from gutting to dispatching whole fish or trimming, cutting and packing of fillets and ready portions.

Whole Fish Grading & Packing System for Salmon

The Valka Wholefish Grading and Packing System for salmon provides the operators with real-time monitoring of the production and a 360-degree view of the operations—from receiving the order to dispatched products.

Quality Distribution Readily Available

A visual quality grading is performed and registered to the system.

Fully automatic grader

The fully automatic grader has the capacity to handle up to 70 fish per minute per line and can exceed 200 tons a shift. 

  • The system automatically feeds empty boxes to the grader
  • Supports packing to multiple box types at the same time
  • The system packs directly to order based on its priority or to stock
  • Information about the size and quality distribution of the fish is available in real-time

Hygienic Design

When designing of new machines, we strive to have all of our products meet the strictest hygienic standards.

  • Easy access to all machine surfaces for cleaning, disinfecting, and inspecting purposes

  • Eliminating corners and edges that could pose sanitary risks as well as hidden areas in constructions

  • Sloping surfaces that allow liquids to flow quickly and hygienically into vessels

  • All stainless steel components that directly contact the fish are electropolished to ensure optimum resistance to corrosion and ease of cleaning

  • All other steel is acid cleaned (pickled) for optimum resistance to corrosion and ease of cleaning

  • Use of sheet metal steel and open U-shaped structure and circular pipes where feasible

  • Drip pans under all conveyors are equipped with quick release hoses to floor drains for ease of sanitation

  • For long distance runs, electric cables are mounted on wire tray in as straight as line as possible

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