Production has begun in Samherji’s new high-tech production plant in Dalvík. The plant is one of the most advanced production plants in the world for groundfish and is the only one of its kind due to its technology and equipment. The construction of the facilities and development of equipment used in the building, which is 9,000 square meters, has been a four-year process. This is a major investment that will be of great importance to the community in Dalvík and the fishing industry in Iceland in general. The total investment amounts to about ISK 6 billion, and about half of the investment is in equipment and software.
The equipment in the house and the software that controls it are the results of the development collaboration between Samherji and the companies that produced them. These are new, specialized solutions based on innovation and entrepreneurship. The management of Valka and other companies that developed the equipment in the building is hopeful that the production plant will be useful for marketing the technology, especially in foreign markets. Foreign visitors will frequent the plant in the coming months and years to view the equipment from these Icelandic high-tech companies with the possibility of purchase.
Þorsteinn Már Baldvinsson, co-CEO of Samherji, hosted a guided a tour of the plant for representatives of the vendors, the mayor of Dalvíkurbyggð, journalists and other guests.
“<em>The production equipment in this plant is brand new. The design and implementation of many aspects of the operations are also new. In this building, we are doing something that has never been done before, as we are going further in automation, which aims, among other things, to ease the work of staff, than has been known in fish production. The building was designed to make all the staff’s facilities as comfortable as possible. In this regard, I want to mention the lighting and soundproofing that was specially designed to increase comfort for the workers. We regard today as a day of celebration for the Icelandic fishing industry and Icelandic industry in general</em>,” says Mr. Baldvinsson.
As previously stated, production began in the house this morning. Gestur Geirsson, managing director of Samherji’s land-based production, says that the plant is off to a good start. “<em>This went better than one dared to hope, as it is always demanding to implement new equipment. It will take time to train the staff who are learning to use new technologies, but we are optimistic that it will work well. Everyone here is on their toes</em>,” says Mr. Geirsson.
14/8 2020. This text was published on Samherji’s website: