Fully automatic grading and packing of whole salmon

The fully automated processing plant consists of a Salmon Whole Fish Grader with daily capacity that can exceed 200 tons/shift.

The packing system handles and delivers empty boxes to the grader, transports and tracks all filled boxes, automatically assign and applies a box label with the proper order information, distributes ice according to the box items, puts the lid on and delivers the box to the correct pallet.

All information of the fish, packing and transportation units are stored in the system, with full end-to-end traceability.

Optimized operation from order to dispatch

Optimized throughput, advanced product distribution and complete tracking and documentation of an individual fish.

Features & Benefits

  • 60-70 fish/min per lane with throughput regulation

  • Automatic gate assignment and Optimization of box utilization
  • Simultaneous packing to multiple box types
  • Advanced product distribution
  • Advanced error reporting
  • Informative reports for optimizing throughput and advanced error reporting

  • Real-time graphic interface for process monitoring for all systems
  • Single server controls the entire line with uniform user interface for all operations

Salmon whole fish brochure

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