Grading to Boxes or Tubs

Wholefish grader

Wholefish Graders can be made to grade directly into tubs, boxes or both. With dynamic in-weighing, the fish goes the assigned gate where a buffer chute directs the fish to the tub or a box. The buffer chute can store the fish while the operator is replacing a container.

The graders can be delivered to handle various sizes of fish, small and large. With a connected printer, a label can be automatically printed when the tub or box has been filled. All grading and packing information is stored and can be reported in the grader software.

Fully Automatic, High-Speed Dual Lane Grader System for Whole fish

This automatic grader system makes batches and arranges the fish to tubs or boxes. Highly accurate, flexible and full traceability of the fish.

Features & Benefits

  • High-speed

  • Accurate grading

  • Optional batching

  • Various fish size

  • Single or Dual lane

  • Packs to Tubs or Boxes

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Options / Variants

Possibility to grade into tubs as well as packing to boxes


Grading to tubs only.


Grading to tubs on one side and packing to boxes on the other side.
With packing screen and label printers.

Valka WholeFish grader

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