Automatic portioning and pin bone removal

Automatically remove pin bones and cut fillets to the desired portions with the Valka Cutter. Using a combination of an X-Ray and 3D image processing systems together with robot controlled water jets the cutter portions with precision and locates and cuts pin bones.

Because the system accurately analyzes each fillet it is able to cut highly uniform portions in relation to size, weight and thickness according to your specifications.

With the ability to define multiple cutting patterns and programs different sizes of fillets can be cut into different patterns.

New Possibilities for Portioning Pre-Rigor or Post-Rigor Salmon

In cooperation with the salmon industry, Valka has developed a cutter designed specifically for cutting salmon fillets, pre-rigor or post-rigor. These special salmon cutting techniques take into account the needs of the market and maximize the potential value of each fillet.

The combination of tilted 2D and dynamic 3D water jet robots allows for complex optimization tasks.

Options are numerous and varied with the Valka Cutter as it is not limited to cutting parallel lines across fillets but can cut any angled and curved pattern needed for top product utilization and minimum waste.

Portioning Skin on or Skinless

The unique serrated steel belt holds the product firmly during portioning. This enables portioning of both skin on and skinless products.


No more waste by eliminating head trim from the most valuable part of the fillet.


Fixed weight portions that fit nicely into a tray, even from 7-8kg fish.
Small thin portions from large fillets are no longer an issue when you think beyond the parallel lines!


Portions cut to fixed weight. Bones can be removed by cutting or portions with bones are pulled out of the flow.


Top loin + portionsfor optimal value.


Fixed weight portions and an Arctic Char fillet look-a-like portion.

High efficiency & Incredible flexibility

Belt speed up to 480mm/sec makes it the most efficient fish portioning machine available.
Choose the robot types that suit best for your portion types and for maximum accuracy & results.

Pin bone & Portion Cutter

Features & Benefits

  • X-Ray camera detects bones down to 0.2mm in size

  • Automatically cuts out pin bone and to the desired portions

  • Precise cutting and uniform portions

  • Greatly improves product handling as all cuts are made in a single machine

  • Reduces the amount of labor needed for trimming

  • Increases yield by minimizing the bone off cut, typically the V-cut and belly bone

  • Increases the yield into higher value products, commonly by maximizing the size of the loins

  • Ensures bone free products

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