Automatically Routing To Various Product Channels

Portion grader

Portion Grader is designed to distribute portions from the Valka Cutter to the appropriate product stream while maintaining the correct alignment.

The grader is built with linear servo robots and a pin “gripper” that gently drags each piece to the desired routes to a parallel or perpendicularly moving conveyors.

The grader is fully automatic and eliminates the human error factor in regards to incorrect portioning. The setup is completely customizable with options up to 16 different product routes and offers a flow control to optimize the utilization of packaging or freezing equipment.

Fully automatic grader

Up to 16 different product routes

Portion grader

Features & Benefits

  • Gentle handling

  • Accurate transfer

  • Alignment is controlled

  • Customizable setup

  • Pick & Place effect

Portion Grader Brochure

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