Automatically dispense the right ice quantity into boxes

The Valka Ice Doser System is designed to automatically dispense ice into boxes with fresh fish.
The system ensures accurate ice dosing according to the quantity of fish to be cooled and estimated transport time.
Ice dosing parameters can easily be modified for different species, packaging and transporting methods.

Individual dosing & Uniform ice distribution

Guarantee the correct dosing of ice and distribution into individual box with full traceability on each unit.

Features & Benefits

  • Individual dosing
    Can give a fixed amount of ice to each box or a dose according to the individual box content

  • Uniform ice distribution
    Ensures excellent distribution of the ice for the whole box

  • Registers ice weight
    The quantity of the ice for each box is registered and logged

  • Multiple box types
    Supports multiple box types simultaneously

  • Traceability
    Offers full traceability by storing the weight of the ice together with a picture of each box

Icedoser Brochure

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