Completing the box

To automate the entire process throughout the production line, Valka supplies various integrated equipment and systems for efficient operations.
We will assist you in reaching your goals of increasing throughput, reducing waste while minimizing human handling.

Select from off the shelf or let us assist you in customizing the solutions that will improve your packaging efficiency and fit your budget.

From single manual machines to fully automatic systems

We offer a range end of line equipment and automated packaging solutions backed up with years usage in the fish processing industry.

Common end of line equipment:

  • Label Printers are sealed in watertight steel boxes

  • Automatic Label Applicators

  • Plastic Feeding for covering or packing interleaved products

  • Lid Applicators

End of line Equipment

Automatic Feeding Of Interleave

Improve your packaging efficiency with automatic feeding of interleaving sheets between the products or the ice layer.

The Automatic Interleave System lays down a plastic sheet on top of fish that has been packed in boxes. The machine uses vacuum suction to draw the plastic sheet over the box. A stream of air is then blown from the machine in order to push the sheet down into the box.

Lid Applicator

The automated lid applicator machine is designed to apply lids on EPS boxes.

The unit is adjustable for various box sizes and has easy access lid magazines that store two different sizes.

The capacity of the unit is roughly 20 boxes a minute, operating with two different lid sizes and slightly more when both magazines store the same lid size.

Box Lid Applicator

Label Applicator

Automatic Label Applicator

The Valka Label Applicator is an automatic printer inside a stainless-steel housing that is located above the box on the line.

The printer prints a label and holds it on an arm ready to put on a box until the box has entered. Then the arm blows the label on to the box with the product. This is done without stopping the box and the arm leaves before the box hits it as the box continues.

The printer is a standard type which can easily be switched out in case of a failure and the entire setup is designed with accessibility and robustness in mind.

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