Delivering the correct box to the right place at the right time

Empty box handling

Valka Box Handling System is a empty EPS box storage and feeding solution that guarantees continuous and uniform flow of empty boxes for the production.

The boxes can be stored in the most convenient location in the plant and the system will promptly deliver the correct box when requested from the production. The system gently handles loads from small 3 kg boxes, up to 25 kg salmon boxes.

All sizes of boxes and types simultaneously

Emtpy box handing system Valka

Features & Benefits

  • All Types and Sizes
    The system manages all sizes and types of boxes simultaneously according to the production requirements

  • Buffering
    Buffer conveyors help to avoid delay in production. Buffer size is set according to customer requirements and available space

  • High Capacity
    Can handle up to 20 boxes per minute

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