Grading, Batching & Packing – All in One Unit

Valka Aligner Grader is a grader, designed to maximize automation by aligning the products automatically into the final boxes or trays which it is to be sold in.
It can furthermore be equipped with automatic box dispensers, plastic feeding system for automatic packing of interleaved products, and be integrated with label printers, check scales and order handling software. printers, check scales and ordering handling software.

  • Fully automatic grading and packing
  • Absolute minimum give-away
  • Exceptionally gentle handling

Absolute Minimum Giveaway
Unmatched Results

Automatically packs fresh fish, fillets or portions according to the most demanding packing requirements with the absolute minimum giveaway.

Features & Benefits

  • Handles pieces from 80-800 mm in length
  • Capacity up to 80 pieces per minute
  • Absolute minimum giveaway
  • Can grade based on weight, length or quality
  • Exceptionally gentle handling
  • Minimum staff required
  • Excellent reliability
  • Automatic box dispensers
  • Optional built-in interleave system

Aligner Grader Brochure

How it works

 Accurate grading and known weight for up to sixteen pieces ensure minimum giveaway.

Weighing: All products are weighed into the grader

Measuring: Vision camera measures the size

Gentle Handling: Grids for gentle product handling

Aligning: Pieces are cleanly aligned into boxes

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