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Valka to debut Cutter for pre-rigor Salmon at SPG in Brussels

2019-05-06T21:12:35+00:00May, 2019|

This year, at the Seafood Processing Global in Brussels, Icelandic high-tech company Valka will debut a new version of their water-jet Cutter machine, explicitly designed to cut and remove pin bones from pre-rigor salmon as well as portioning the fillet. The new Valka Cutter machine for salmon will, like other Valka’s Cutter machines, increase the [...]

Valka and Murman Seafood sign new 10,3 m EUR factory deal

2018-11-14T16:09:49+00:00November, 2018|

Valka has signed a contract with Murman Seafood Company to design and build a new processing plant in Kola city, south of Murmansk, Russia. The new plant is the first of its kind and is stated to be the most technologically advanced groundfish processing plant in the region. Featuring, Valka's signature state-of-the-art equipment and [...]

Samherji Chooses Valka to Supply Machinery for New Plant and Upgrades

2018-11-14T15:58:44+00:00April, 2018|

Samherji Ltd have chosen Valka to supply machinery for their new high-tech production plant in Dalvik and to upgrade their existing ÚA plant in Akureyri. With a total worth of more than 20 million euros, the deal includes numerous machines for the fillet production that cover the entire production process, from filleting to palletized [...]

The future of groundfish processing

2017-11-27T14:20:49+00:00November, 2017|

Last week Valka had the opportunity of speaking at The Seafood Conference Iceland, the largest platform for the Icelandic seafood industry to meet, discuss and exchange views on a broad level. Our CEO, Helgi Hjalmarson, talked about "The future of groundfish processing" where he shared his opinion on how the technology would affect the groundfish [...]

Introducing Dual Stream version of the Valka Cutter

2017-11-22T14:31:54+00:00November, 2017|

World's most efficient water-jet cutter for fish filletsValka ehf is pleased to announce the formal release for a Dual stream version of the Valka Cutter machine with double the capacity of cutting small fish fillets. HB Grandi hf was the first customer to receive the new machine that has been running for few weeks now. [...]

Flying start with the ValkaCutter onboard a vessel

2018-04-20T09:39:45+00:00September, 2017|

Icelandic vessel operator Rammi hf was the Iceland's first to install water-jet cutter onboard its new state-of-the-art Solberg freezer trawler. Much anticipation has been about how it would succeed to operate a high-tech equipment such as the Valka Cutter on the open sea and many had doubts. The ship has already had a few fishing [...]

Valka featured in KTM case study

2017-11-22T13:46:08+00:00July, 2017|

KMT, the water-jet specialists company is featuring Valka in a recent case study. In a trip to Iceland the KMT people made an effort to understand how Valka has been utilizing the water-jet technology in the fish processing sector. In an interview our CEO, Helgi Hjalmarsson, explains the benefits of the Valka Cutter machine.  [...]

Valka graduates to the “elite division” of Icelandic Tech companies

2017-05-26T09:00:27+00:00May, 2017|

Today Valka was awarded for last years' strong growth and exceeding one billion ISK in revenue by the Federation of Icelandic Industries and Alliance of Icelandic Seed Companies. At the same occasion, Valka was formally graduated to the "elite division" of Tech companies. Past few years Valka has continued to accelerate at a fast pace [...]

New version Cutter machine to HB Grandi

2017-10-16T14:02:48+00:00May, 2017|

HB Grandi purchases a new Valka Cutter for Redfish portions with capacity upto 180 fillets a minute Valka and HB Grandi recently signed an agreement for a new Valka Cutter and a Portion grader for Grandi's Redfish processing plant. The Cutter machine has a single lane but allows for feeding the fillets in two side [...]

Check out our new Whitefish Video.

2017-05-03T16:52:55+00:00April, 2017|

At Brussels Expo in April we were proud to premiere a new video " Valka Advanced Processing Line". This explainer video gives a nice overview of the automation that Valka has been working on for whitefish processors. Check it out.

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