World’s most efficient water-jet cutter for fish fillets

Valka ehf is pleased to announce the formal release for a Dual stream version of the Valka Cutter machine with double the capacity of cutting small fish fillets. HB Grandi hf was the first customer to receive the new machine that has been running for few weeks now. The dual stream version has a new improved image processing system that allows for dual stream of fillets on a single conveyor belt consequently cutting double the volume from previous version.
“The water-jet cutting technology is changing the practices in ground fish processing”, says Kristjan Hallvardsson Director of Sales & Marketing at Valka, “and Iceland is currently leading this transformation”. The first water-jet cutter on the market was as well a cooperation between Valka and HB Grandi and for that reason it was especially pleasant working with them on this project”, adds Kristjan.

Big step in developing a new market for bone free Redfish (Ocean Perch) products

“The demand for bone free Redfish products has been growing lately and the new Valka Cutter is an answer to the request”, says Gisli Kristjansson Production manager at HB Grandi. “The machine allows us to make new products not feasible before to produce, including skin-on products and we’re very eager to move forward with our plans.”