Grading & Weighing

Valka offer various types of fish Graders for whole fish, fillets or portions both fresh or frozen. With various types of infeed, dynamic weighing, batching and manual-or automatic packing. The graders can be custom made with numerous options all to match your requirements.

Wide Range of Grading & Batching Applications

with accurate weighing system to grade & batch products by weight, count, min/max weight requirements and other features


Grading to boxes or tubs

Wholefish grader for grading into tubs or boxes with dynamic in-weighing.

Grading fillets or portions

A packing grader for fillets or portion with chutes for each grade. Dynamic weighing or manual checkscales and optional empty box storage.


Aligner Packing grader

Grading, Batching & Packing In A Single Machine. The Valka Aligner grades, batches and aligns the products automatically into the final boxes or trays which it is to be sold in. It can furthermore be equipped with automatic box dispensers, plastic feeding system for automatic packing of interleaved products, integrated with label printers, check scales and order handling software.

Advanced Discharge units

Discharge unit designed for sorting fillet portions cut in the Valka Cutter and distribute them to different product routes.



Whole fish to tubs

Portion feeder

Aligner Packing grader