Last week Valka had the opportunity of speaking at The Seafood Conference Iceland, the largest platform for the Icelandic seafood industry to meet, discuss and exchange views on a broad level. Our CEO, Helgi Hjalmarson, talked about “The future of groundfish processing” where he shared his opinion on how the technology would affect the groundfish processing plants in the next 5-10 years. Helgi started with looking back and explaining how more has changed in the groundfish processing the past five years than in the previous quarter century. The single most change being the water-jet cutting technology but as well a lot of other automation has happened. According to Helgi, we’ll see continuing automation where automated guided vehicles and robots will be replacing people in routing jobs in the plants, i.e., handling raw material and feeding fish into various machines. As well we’ll see further integration between different equipment and software used within the seafood value chain and new tools for the companies to better utilize all the data gathered from catching the fish to shipping the products. These tools will help the processors to plan their production with much more confidence and accuracy than before. Last but not least is the usage image processing technology that will enable the fish processor to advance further. Close to being launched is the 3D scanning of the pin bones that’ll allow for more accurate cutting and reduce the fillet cut-off considerably. Another project, already started, is the automatic quality inspection of fillets, where cameras will detect flaws or parasites and in the first stage route the fillets automatically according to its condition and at a later stage guide robots to automatically remove the defects.
Image: Valdimar Ingi Gunnarsson