Icelandic vessel operator Rammi hf was the Iceland’s first to install water-jet cutter onboard its new state-of-the-art Solberg freezer trawler. Much anticipation has been about how it would succeed to operate a high-tech equipment such as the Valka Cutter on the open sea and many had doubts. The ship has already had a few fishing trips, and the results have been excellent so far. Olafur Marteinsson is CEO of Rammi hf “The ValkaCutter has already proven to be as beneficial as we hoped and worked perfectly from day one. We have been cutting the pin bone off and loin portions as well. The products are exceptional, the highest quality, and the market has responded very well.” Rammi is mainly supplying its skinless and boneless products to the UK and the company allied with the UK distributor, Friars Pride for a “sweepstake game” to promote the new products. “We put considerable effort into promotion which has paid off” Olafur adds, “In one fishing trip we’ve cut up to 200 tons of raw material in the machine and that amount was instantly sold. But we’ve still not been using the Cutters’ full capacity. Thus there’s a lot to gain and, the demand is surely there”. We are delighted with the cooperation with Valka, and look forward continuing”, said Olafur finally.