Valka is your partner in processing automation and system solutions. We specialize in the development & sales of high-tech equipment and automation solutions for the fish processing industry. We work closely with forward-thinking seafood companies to achieving maximum efficiency, profitability and competitiveness. We do that by designing, producing and servicing superior high-tech processing systems.

Value Added 

Using state of the art technology, we design and build innovative, efficient equipment and systems that create added value for fish processors. Our systems will assist you to process with more accuracy, maintain the highest quality, minimize waste and increase the raw material yield into higher-value products.

Custom Solutions

Valka offers expertise and excellence in the technical side of the seafood industry where we work in close cooperation with our customers to meet their needs by tailor solution specific to their requirements and addressing any issues promptly and efficiently.

Great Relationship

We take pride in our work and design and acknowledge that the future of the builds on qualified, honest and innovative employees and a great partnership with our clients.

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Valka is a high-tech company based in Iceland and Norway, solely focused on serving the seafood industry. The company ambition is to design and produce outstanding fish processing solutions and has led new innovations by pioneering automation for fish processors small and large. Founded in 2003 the company has gradually grown and expanded its product portfolio. After successfully implementing large turnkey systems in Iceland, Norway and Russia in the last few years Valka has become a strong system integrator for whitefish and Salmon. The company employs over 100 people and has in excess of €20million in annual turnover.

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We aim to achieving maximum efficiency, profitability and competitiveness for our customers in the seafood industry


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Management Team

Helgi Hjálmarsson
Helgi HjálmarssonCEO

Soffía Lárusdóttir
Soffía LárusdóttirCFO

Ívar Meyvantsson, PhD
Ívar Meyvantsson, PhDDirector Product Development

Róbert Hafsteinsson
Róbert HafsteinssonDirector of Production

Sigríður Olgeirsdóttir
Sigríður OlgeirsdóttirDirector Service

Jón Birgir Gunnarsson
Jón Birgir GunnarssonDirector Sales & Marketing

We Care

Quality Control

At Valka, the quality of our products is just as important as the quality of your products. Working with forward-thinking designers, engineers and software developers means we are delivering customised fish processing equipment of superior quality.

Operating Responsibly

We take pride in what we produce, and that is why we are there for our customers from beginning to end—always on call, customising machinery to specific needs, delivering spare parts, and evolving our systems along with our clientele.


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