Valka and the Icelandic company FISK Seafood have signed an agreement for a new batching and automatic packing system for light salted frozen fillets. The system automatically weighs, batches and packs products to final boxes with unparalleled accuracy and precision, consequently saving considerably in the giveaway for each packed box. The contract amount is in the region of six hundred thousand euros.

Reduced overpack and increased automation
“The investment presents that we at FISK Seafood are forward-looking in our decisions, “says Asmundur Baldvinsson, Manager land-based production at FISK Seafood, „I‘m quite confident that we will achieve a short payback time.
The most significant benefit is realized with batching precision; however, the level of automation will also enable direct gains with labor costs. “adds Asmundur.

Game theory virtually eliminates giveaway
When packing products in fixed weight, the importance of managing giveaway in each box is crucial. Traditional batching graders decide on which box to place each piece based on a statistical guess. The Valka Batching and Packing robot recognize the weight of several pieces in advance before applying a game a theory algorithm.
That way, it continually optimizes the best solution based on actual piece weights, resulting in close to no giveaway (a.k.a. overpack).

Remarkably gentle handling Packing Robot
As traditional pneumatic arms would damage glazing, and potentially break thin parts such as tails the Valka Packing Robot is designed with a unique carousel. The built-in cars of the carousel carefully pick up and transport the product. An integrated cartesian robot then gently slides the portion for delivery directly above the final packaging. The system allows products to travel gently and smoothly through the carousel, without attrition or breakage of the product.

Valka grateful for the trust from Fisk Seafood
“We are grateful for the trust of Fisk Seafood. Companies like Valka would not exist without partners that are willing to try things for the first time,” says Guðjon Ingi Gudjonsson, a Sales Manager at Valka. „Our solution has been a great success in the packaging of fresh products for a long time, and with some clever design updates, the Aligner Packing Robot is a flexible and hugely valuable solution for diverse packing needs,” Guðjon adds.