Icelandic processor Fiskkaup recently signed an agreement with Valka for a complete fillet production line, to be installed in Fiskkaup plant in Reykjavik. The advanced production line adds flexibility for Fiskkaup to produce new products and enables the company to improve key performance indicators.

Further produced value-added products with the same employees
The system in stake includes traditional solutions such as whole fish grading in addition to state-of-art water-jet cutting with 3D X-ray analysis and automatic pin bone removal. Furthermore, the system accommodates several robotic solutions, e.g. the Aligner Packing Robot that automatically batches and packs products to the final boxes.

The system is specially designed with a continuous flow in mind which guarantees high throughput of products and maintains their full quality. As well a particular emphasis was given to the ergonomics, and the result is higher throughput and product value with the same amount of staff.

RapidFish controls the system
With the Valka equipment comes RapidFish, production control and order handling software system. Embedded in all Valka machinery the system as well integrates with external peripherals and accounting software, creating a complete integrated solution.

Enhanced production and flexibility for the future
„Fiskkaup has watched the technological advances that have happened in the seafood processing industry past few years. It is our opinion that the Valka production line will give us the best chance to reach our goals in improving producing high-value products more efficiently. With this investment, we´re ready to take significant steps and are prepared for the future“. Says Asbjorn Jonsson CEO of Fiskkaup.

„We are grateful to have the opportunity of working with Fiskkaup in this ambitious project. Fiskkaup is a well-established company that has created its own product niche. We put much effort into creating a total solution, tailored to their specific needs and we´re delighted with the outcome“, says Gudjon Ingi Gudjonsson Sales manager at Valka.